Hi, I'm Subbu Lakshmanan.

Don’t be just a number!


Don’t be just a number! Pretty much that is what drives me.

At work, My core competency is Android App development with Kotlin(prior Java), but that never stopped me from extending my expertise to Microservices development using Node.js, Docker, Kubernetes. CICD has always been an exciting area. I had the opportunity to play around with CircleCI/Jenkins on my personal projects and, in addition to playing around, get expertise at TeamCity CICD at work.

Outside of work, I still follow my principle and on a quest to become more than just a number (in billions of people?! I try). I read, listen, and study the success principles of people who impact other people’s lives and try to emulate the same. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way and on a lookout to find and connect with those.

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